Communications & Media Relations

  •  All internal and external communications in print, radio, TV, online, in-person
  • Review of all KDMV documentation prior to release
  • Media contacts

Information Technology & Social Media

  • All matters digital
  • Online presence and management
  • Oversight of KDMV’s persona online

Legal & Public Affairs

  • Petition language and processing
  • Litigation management and outside counsel relations
  • KDMV pro bono legal counsel

Events & Programs

  • All KDMV events and activities, including planning, execution and evaluation
  • Community engagement and outreach
  • Volunteer relations

Resource Mobilization

  • Budget
  • Fundraising
  • Management of KDMV financial and human resources

Marketing & Promotion

  • Materials design, development and distribution
  • KDMV clearing house for all public events and programs
  • Support to KDMV Teams

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