Meeting Minutes
Sunday, June 17, 2018 from 7:00 CST

Session Facilitator: Richard Ooga (MN)
Present: H. Ongeri (MN), R. Musumba (NY), Dr. A. Okongo (NY).), J. Ongeri (MN), S. Siso (MN), J. Nyasembo (MN), D. Tisi (ND), D. Ochwangi (GA), M. Kailemi (GA). There were a number of participants (9) who did not self-identify.

Absent With Apologies: D. Adera (MN), T. Katiwa (CA), O. Ontiri (TX), M. Kaigi (TX), J. Kamau (TX)

MIN 1. Prayer:

The meeting began with a word of prayer.

MIN 2. Introductory Remarks:

Ms. Musumba offered an overview of KDMV’s mission and vision. She welcomed all participants to the session.

Mr. Ooga provided the meeting protocols as suggested by D. Adera:

  • Introductions should include name, location and occupation/profession
  • Adherence to time limits should be observed, with brief contributions limited to 1.5 minutes
  • Hold all comments, questions till the floor is open (plenary session and during Q&A)
  • Any participant wishing to be recognized should send a message to facilitator via WhatsApp so that flow of discussion is not interrupted.

MIN: 3. Team Reports

  1. Communications: Ms. Musumba reported that the Communications Team was up and running, ready to support the entire KDMV family with talking points, press releases, and articulation of the cause

    1. Leadership had prepared a single-page document summarizing KDMV’s goals and strategies.
    2. All media inquiries and contacts must be routed through the Communications Team.
    3. Formal announcement of KDMV’s formation will be made within seven days.
  2. Legal: H. Ongeri reported that the Petition had been finalized. Circulation thereof and collection of signatures will begin as soon as possible.

    1. Advocate Apollo Mboya has been retained to lead KDMV’s litigation against IEBC. He will work closely with our pro bono counsel team.
    2. KDMV will be registered as a Minnesota nonprofit corporation by June 30, 2018.
    3. A call was made for names of lawyers with this sort of experience & would be interested.
  3. Digital & Social Media: J. Ongeri reported the following:

    1. KDMV’s official email contact has been set up:
    2. KDMV will be registered as a Minnesota nonprofit corporation by June 30, 2018.
    3. Social media: Twitter account diasporavotes254 has been set up, Instagram and Facebook accounts under construction but will up and running soon iii. Website is under construction and the basic version should be up and ready for use by June 21, 2018. Will have capability to collect names, addresses and telephone numbers.
    4. Logo is being redesigned
  4. Events & Programs: R. Ooga reported:

    1. Gotabgaa National Convention, Des Moines, IA June 23, 2018
    2. Diaspora Unity Conference, Dallas, TX July 23, 2018
    3. Kenya Scholars and Students Association (KESSA) Conference – Atlanta, September 7-8, 2018

    Mr. Ooga urged for more volunteers to step up and participate in the events, indicate a Committee they would be interested to serve as time and resources permit. Subsequent to the meeting, we have also confirmed participation at the 2018 MKIDA Graduation Gala in Minneapolis, MN. Keynote speaker will be Dr. Roselyn Akombe formerly of IEBC.

  5. Marketing & Promotion: R. Ooga reported:

    1. Team Lead needed.
    2. Main function will be preparation and production of KDMV promotional and marketing items, including but not limited to: T-Shirts, hats, pens, keyholders.
    3. Work hand in hand with communication and IT departments for the purpose of maintaining KDMV image.

MIN 4. Plenary Discussion:

D. Ochwangi:

  • Applauded KDMV’s efforts as a tremendous opportunity with shared interest
  • Needed clarity on how we hope to achieve the declared goal
  • AKDOI was lead organizer of the recently conclude Diaspora conference in Dallas at which Hon. C.J. Maraga was the chief guest
  • Offered to avail his organization’s platform to collect signatures:

Dr. A. Okongo:

  • Was pleased with KDMV’s nonpartisan approach
  • Thinks KDMV can serve as an avenue to deal with many of Kenya’s ills, including runaway corruption, poor governance and impunity
  • Ready to provide expertise where needed

Mr. S. Siso:

  • Happy to be part of KDMV
  • Interested in serving in the Marketing & Promotion team

Mr. D. Tisi:

  • Was surprised that there were not many people on the conference call
  • Thinks KDMV should do more to attract volunteers
  • Proposes that the Petition be available online also to maximize participation
  • Offered to serve on the Legal & Public Affairs team

MIN 4. Other Business:

  • Conversation can be continued on WhatsApp group
  • More volunteers are needed for KDMV teams
  • KDMV condemns all forms of corruption. Participation in any event is pegged on transparency and credibility. The upcoming Dallas event has a whiff of corruption around it and a decision will be made shortly on whether to make the association.
  • Congratulations and best wishes to all dads on Father’s Day.

MIN 5. Next Meeting: July 1, 2018 at 7pm (CST).

There being no any other business, Mr. D. Tisi offered the closing prayer and the meeting adjourned at 8:08 CST.

Submitted by: R. Ooga Reviewed by: H, Ongeri Approved by: R. Musumba